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          Over the last three decades, the 万博体育赔钱快吗 Debate Team has amassed a level of success on the state, regional and national levels that is virtually unparalled. Under the steadfast leadership of Director of 辩论 & Speech Aaron Timmons Jr. and Associate 辩论主任 Eric Forslund, the program continues 至 grow, and even surpass, the accomplishments of previous seasons.
          “增加我们的编程'是学校的学术声誉和看法,说:” 亚伦·蒂蒙斯,JR。,辩论的董事。 “谁是熟练的学生在讨论中不仅有利于188bet ios app社区,但他们也有助于更广泛的民族共同体。”